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    • Kirsty Piccavey


      Apologies for the blanket email, but there seems to be some confusion about the above.   AVIP The new Adult Volunteer Induction Programme is designed for every CFAV. A prior learning pack is to be done at the squadron before attendance. The details of this were released by the WTO a couple of months ago. Please contact him for details.   Cadets are to attend between their 17th and 18th Birthdays. This will include their Staff Cadet briefings.  New staff members need to do this within six-months service. If they have done the AVIP as a cadet the date just needs carrying forward. Individuals only need to do this once. These courses are run at Sector Level. As earlier advertised Sector Two have an AVIP on Saturday 27th May 17 at SHQ 103 Sqn in Doncaster. Please apply to my wsc2 email account if you have candidates.   Staff Cadet Briefings Those cadets who have already done BASIC are still required to do this briefing as it is not included in the BASIC. I am holding a session at WHQ at 1900 on the 31st May 17. Each Sector will also be running this following cascade training on Saturday.   CP Refreshers Every CFAV is required to refresh their CP training every three years. They can do this by attending the CP section of a sector AVIP, or attend one of the sessions I run. My next session is at WHQ on the 31st May at 2000. External courses and some ATF courses cover this too, please get in touch for clarification.   I hope this makes sense, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!   Kind regards   Jim    Squadron Leader J A Williamson RAFVR(T) | Wing Child Protection Advisor | South & West Yorkshire Wing | Air Training Corps | Healdfield Road | Castleford | WF10 4LQ
    • Kirsty Piccavey


      Cpl Declan Tordoff has been in touch with Ruddi's Retreat which is a charity who raise money and provide holidays for children suffering from cancer and their families. They are asking for help at two events. See email below. If you wish to get involved this is fantastic for Duke of Edinburgh Award.
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