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    • Kirsty Piccavey


      It is the time of year to bid for Summer Camp Camp season is 28 July -25 August there is a poster for cadets and staff to bid for places
    • Kirsty Piccavey

      AUTUMN CAMP BIDS   13/01/18

      RAF LOSSIEMOUTH 13 TO 20 OCTOBER 2018 Poster on the notice board Bids from staff and cadets required
    • Kirsty Piccavey

      NATIONAL BAND DEADLINE 29 JAN   13/01/18

      NATIONAL MUSIC CAMP  Cadets must be min age 13 years and enrolled. Forms are available at the staff office be quick! Calling_Notice_-_RAFAC_National_Bands_and_Choir_2018-O.DOCX
    • Kirsty Piccavey

      2018 Scholarship and Bursaries The Air League   13/01/18

      OVER 18 CADETS ALT 2018 Scholarship Poster.pdf
    • Kirsty Piccavey

      National Shooting Camp 2018   13/01/18

      Cadets can apply in the staff office on sharepoint on sub sites the shooting portal 2018 National Shooting Camp Poster A3.pdf
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