The squadron regularly recruits new members, with the basic training programme for new recruits usually lasting two months.  During this time the recruits will be taught some basic, but essential subjects.  Our aim is to make this as enjoyable as possible as we know that no one wants to come home from school, just to go off to another learning environment!

All we ask in return is a monthly contribution of £10, this goes towards funding for new equipment and the upkeep of our minibus.

The new recruits are taught by our cadet NCO team who have lots of experience to pass on.  Some subject covered by recruits are:

59 Squadron structure
History of the ATC
History of the RAF
Badges of rank
Uniform maintenance

By the end of the two months the recruits should be in uniform and integrated with the main squadron by being placed in a main stream flight of other cadets.  These flights are managed by Cadet Sergeants and Cadet Flight Sergeants.

At some point during this period the recruits will take part on a formal Enrolment Parade which will see them officially enlisted as a member of 59, Recruits will also receive their 3822 Cadet Record Of Service book, this contains their personal information and also details any events, awards and activities that they participate in.

New recruits MUST be over the age of 12 years and MUST be younger than the age of 17.  Enrolled cadets can serve until they are 20 years old.  Uniform for new recruits is smart uniform, until they are issued with their coveralls and then their RAF blues uniform.